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Oh boy I had to fix that last entry it was horrible! Entries with this phone are not easy! The cursed *cursor keeps jumping everywhere and auto correct keeps screwing up what I'm trying to say! Computer or maybe the mobile version is the way to go...I do miss the LJ. I'd love to start posting regularly again!

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I'm having trouble getting motivated today now that the sun has gone back into hiding. That last couple of days were so nice! I even started planting the garden so far I have planted peas, carrots, lettuce, kale, and lots of onions. The starts inside are doing fairly well also just waiting on the tomatoes and pepers to sprout. I'm thinking its just not warm enough in the house we'll see? Maybe if we get some more sunny days I'll stick them in the green house Jessie bought?

The chicks are doing well their feathers have really started to come in! We'll have to get a top on their box in the next few days! I'm not sure if we are still going to try a get a couple americanas now because of the extra hassle it will cause having to get another setup for them?

As for the bees they were loving the warm weather I saw them visiting all of the crocuses around the yard. The weaker hive seems to be doing fairly well even with all the die off I've seen. The stronger hive is doing great though I'm sad to see that the new queen mated with some of those cantankerous drones from the more aggressive hive. Now I have a hybrid of the original bees that I loved and the mean grumpy bees I was thinking of getting rid of. In fact I got stung by one of hybrids while I was weeding around their box on Thursday, my face is still all swollen. Man that made for a fun day of explaining at work the next day! Not to mention I was visually impaired with one eye being swollen shut.

I'm really going to need to be more careful as I seem to be getting more allergic with each sting. I'm even considering getting rid of the bees I have now and getting a less aggressive species. I was reading on the urban farmer about a very docile type that is great for beginners and urbanites. I think for now I will at least keep the one hive. I'll need to get a higher fence put up to get their flight path up a bit higher to avoid trouble with the neighbor. I'm also thinking of setting up an empty hive for any possible swarms this summer. We'll see how finances are after building the chicken coop?

Well I need to get going! I need to do some healthy grocery shopping...since we ran out of fresh produce my healthy eating has begun to go by the wayside.

Long lost journal of mine

Think I will start updating this journal again..I've been away from it for much too long! There has really been a lot that has happened since I last updated! Important stuff that I should have chronicled! Well at least important to me!

Things that first come to mind...

events with loved ones including family and friends
traveling to Kauai
buying a house
settling into the house
future plans
future trips...Mexico is within the next year

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Omg snot is just pouring out of my nose! I'm happy I'm through the painful sore throat and sinus stage, but now my nose is just running like a faucet, my lips are chapped, and my nose is well on its way to being raw from all the tissue blowing I've been doing! Tissues are everywhere!

Hello Friends!!

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted since my Birthday!

Yes, I am still alive! :-)
Sorry I haven't checked in for so long Judy!
How are my LJ friends?? I hope you're all well!
I've been alright, other then adjusting to the change of seasons and my current sick state.
I had been keeping myself away from the computer during the summer, but now that the weather has turned I've been finding myself indoors more often with less to keep me busy, especially since I stopped spending so much time at the gym. (uhm...spending zero time at the gym!)

I seem to be enjoying late fall and winter less and less these days. Not digging the cold, wet, and dark days right now. I'm really having a hard time adjusting to summer being over this year!
I kind of feel like I fell off of the life track somehow the last couple of months? I really thought I was doing great for a while? Hmm...I've got to work on fixing that and getting myself out of this funk I'm finding myself in!! It's like I went in to a hibernation state!

I've been thinking I should try out some new winter recreation ideas to get myself out of the house a bit more. I'm sure that would do wonders, but I'm just not sure when I'll have the right combo of time and money to do it? Let alone someone to go along with!
If nothing else I should really get back on some kind of exercise routine be it the gym or working out at home! I did buy this P90X at home workout and food plan that I was all excited about starting! I just feel weird trying to workout in front of the roommates. It would be easier if I had some kind of workout space, or if I was able to convince everyone else here to give it a try!

I've also been missing Hawaii lately! I think the trip this last spring spoiled me! I'm pretty sure I've thought about Hawaii for at least one moment every day since I was there! I would love it if I could just put work on hold and spend a year there just living it up!


Ok I'm back home from Maui looking through some of my pics and thought I'd post a few more shots real quick. I've only gotten through about half of the photos so far and its time for me to hit the road. The trip was great, but for now I'll have to skip telling you about it until I'm back from the coast.
I'm heading up to Ocean Shores now for the B-day so I'll post more about the vacation when I'm back.
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waiting at the repair shop

Man I've had to spend a lot of money today!
Car repairs and maintenance is expensive!
That along with this upcoming hawaii trip has cost me enough to keep me in debt for quite a while!
I guess that means that new tv I was planning on getting is out of the question for this year.
Oh well I figure a trip is worth a whole lot more than a tv, and as for the car that just has to be done.

todays apartment news

Goodbye my friendly maple tree friends *tear*
It was goodbye to all the trees in the apartment complex today.
That's right they chopped them all down!
I'm wondering if they are going to replace them with new tiny twiggy trees once they finish up this new landscaping plan?
Oh I'm sure this new landscape plan means an end to our little garden patch as well. They broke about half of the planter pots I had outside and made a muddy mess of everything else.
Oh I'm sure they will replant things around here and make it look nice and generic, just like every other boring suburban apartment complex. BORING!
Well hey, at least they installed some new toilets today! (water savers I'm sure) Unfortunately they also carved some nice holes in the walls :-( Guess that means plenty more visits of fun ahead. Yup, the workers almost ended up seeing my naked bumm today. Just as I was getting ready to hop into the shower they were coming inside the apartment to do work on the bathroom (great timing)
At least it seems they've finished up most of the outside siding work on our building today. Yet they still haven't done the chimney work or put the new windows in the loft yet. The new windows it the loft is what I'm most excited about! It will be nice to have some windows that actually open up there. The extra ventilation will be great for all that summer heat. (especially now that the trees are all gone!) I always thought it was silly that the windows up in the loft didn't open to begin with.

Man I've got to get to bed now! Otherwise who knows what I'll wake up too? I mean there is already a hole in the bedroom closet!